Super Bowl 2013 includes Lincoln MKZ video commercial

Super Bowl 2013 includes Lincoln MKZ commercial (video)

Lincoln flexed its muscle during last week’s 2013 Super Bowl. With the Lincoln MKZ “Phoenix” Super Bowl commercial Lincoln raised its hand and wanted to be recognized.

Lincoln is in a tough market with the MKZ. Somehow it needs to compete with the likes of Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Lexus. Not an easy market to crack. Not to mention the MLZ needs to court the former customer of the Town Car. Seems like it addressed the concerns of the new customer by telling us its not what we think… its all new.

Yet at the same time trying to hold on to the old Town Car guard by assuring them that the MLZ might be all new however it comes with big ideas. Big ideas is what the Town Car was all about.


Seems like this short video accomplishes that. By the looks of the viewer visits that youtube is receiving it seems like the Lincoln MKZ is on track.



Watch the Official 2013 Lincoln MKZ “Phoenix” Commercial again:

Official 2013 Lincoln MKZ “Phoenix” Commercial

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