Sporto Motoring Accessories – Weekend Project – Painting

Sporto Motoring Accessories – On hold for weekend chores

Throughout the week much of my time is consumed by Sporto Motoring serving customers with the best interior and exterior automotive accessories money can buy. The weekends are usually spent doing things other than auto accessories for Sporto Motoring.

Painting takes priority

Over the past several weekends my chores have included interior painting. With trips to the paint store for brushes, rollers, and paint, I prepared myself for the task at hand. There is a product, I discovered, that you need to know about. This is one of those products that you might say big deal, but try it and you will see it is a big deal.

Lightweight Spackling a wonder product

We are talking Lightweight Spackling. The old spackling was a mess. Hard to get into those hairline cracks and hard to get off your fingers after application. This new stuff is awesome. It is lightweight. Those hairline cracks disappear. Apply with the tip of your finger, wipe off the excess, and paint over it.

No mess with lightweight spackling

If you choose to not have a drop cloth in place and some specks of lightweight spackling reach the carpet no problem. simply let the spackling dry and vacuum the specks up. It is an incredible product.

Interior painting can be quite a challenge with all the preparation that goes into a room before you open that first can of paint. You will find that having a can of Lightweight Spackling in your possession will save a lot of time. Your wife will be pleased as well when you simply vacuum the dried spackling from the carpet.



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