‘So God Made a Farmer’ strikes a chord

God-made-farmers‘So God Made a Farmer’ strikes a chord with me

Super Bowl Sunday is here and gone. The Baltimore Ravens are the reigning Super Bowl Champs as well they should be. It was a game worth watching accept for the “No Power” delay. What was that all about? To me it was another example of how our country continues to break down. At one time we were the most industrious nation in the world. Today we can’t keep the lights on during the Super Bowl game. What does that say?

The Lights Out were just another reason why the ‘So God Made a Farmer’ rang true to me. As a country we have lost our way. A good amount of the commercials, that corporations paid millions for, were about values we seem to now have. Not the God made a farmer values. From the website company to the Super Bowl half time show, our families were subjected to advertising that we are told is the norm. Is it really?

Who makes those decisions to opt out of strong family values and replace them with that. Or am I wrong. Are the new family values teaching our kids how to make out, while giving high fives to exposed body parts that were at one time considered X-rated.

[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMpZ0TGjbWE[/youtube]We need more Paul Harvey stories to lift up our true gifts from God, not the garbage that is pushed on us. God did make a farmer and there is a farmer in all of us. It is time to let the farmer in us take charge and take all that crap they are feeding us and turn it back into Mother Earth.

Let the false gods of today’s world be the fertilizer for tomorrow’s world. And then what a bountiful crop it will be.

To see the Paul Harvey Super Bowl Story go here:

Paul Harvey’s 1978 ‘So God Made a Farmer Speech’

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