Red Wing Boots a lasting choice

Red Wing Boots have been part of my wardrobe for more than 40 years. The boots are functional, durable, and are built to last.

Recently I went into the Red Wing Boots Store on Fields Ertel Rd in Cincinnati with the mindset of upgrading my boots. The last time I had been in Red Wing was probably 15 years ago.

It was quite a surprise to see the number of choices that Red Wing now has. My goodness, not only did Red Wing still offer functionality and durability but it now offered style.

I wanted to get boots that would be proper for outdoor activities as well as a good look when I wore to work on a snow day.

Jerry, the store manager, had been with Red Wing for over 30 years and he knew the boot line. He suggested water proof would be the way to go rather than just water resistant. He had me try a couple of choices and walk around the store to get a sense of comfort.

One thing with Red Wing, your foot will know when it has found its match the moment the boot is tied up and does a short walk.

Red Wing has been around for over 110 years. Think of that. Not many companies can boast of 110 year existence, and this is a shoe company to boot.

If you are ever in Cincinnati and would like to get a pair of the boots that have been around for more than 110 years visit the Red Wing Boots Store in Cincinnati and tell Jerry Sporto Motoring sent you and you want a Free Pair of Socks with your Red Wing Boot purchase.

You will find this Red Wing  Store Team especially knowledgeable in what they are selling, and appreciate the craftsmanship of the Red Wing Brand for a long time.



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