Popular game for tailgating fun

Bring cornhole along for tailgating fun

cornhole boards and bagsIf you do not know too much about the cornhole game, then you should know that this is a game that has been played for a very long time now. It’s true that nowadays you will be able to play many other games that make effective use of technology, but there is just something special about old fashioned games that just never dies.[pullquote]Cornhole is family fun. All ages can play[/pullquote] When it comes to this game, it is very special and the chances of it dying are low and that is because it can be played by almost anyone out there. If you want to just have an activity that you will enjoy with your friends and family or if you just want to pass time, you will find that playing this game will help you with that.

What is needed to play the game

If you want to play this game, you will need two sets of all weather cornhole bags and a few wooden platforms. Platforms are generally made out of wood (24 by 48 inches) which is a bit inclined and features a hole in the middle. In what regards the hole, it has a diameter of six inches, it’s centered nine inches from the top of the board and twelve inches from each side edge.[pullquote]Buy the better quality cornhole bags and boards… last longer[/pullquote] In what regards the bags, they are made using a special piece of cloth which is sewn to hold beans and corns. If you want, you may look for materials in your home and make your very own cornhole set. Maybe you do not have wood and fabric though and if that is the case, you will be able to get them fairly easily by visiting the stores in your area.

What are the rules of the game

You will need to take the wooden platforms and have them placed at an opposite side from one another at a specific distance. Next, 2 players will take turns and throw four bean bags towards the opposite platform. By shooting the bags somewhere on top of the platform or through the hole, players will be able to score. If you manage to get the bag in the hole, you will get three points.[pullquote]Follow ACO official cornhole rules. The rules of the sport of cornhole[/pullquote] If it doesn’t go in, you will only get a single point. The whole game will be divided into several frames and the team or players managing the highest number of points will win. Based on the player preferences though, the rules of the game may be changed a bit. It does not matter if you will play the game for the first time, because the rules are easy to understand and you can become highly competitive. For rules click here.

Why you should play the game.

It is simple to gauge the reasons of considering the cornhole game and the first one is that it is very fun to play and both kids and adults can play it. On top of that, even if you do not have the money to buy what you need, you can easily make the bags and the wooden platforms with supplies you can find in your home. [pullquote]Sure beats going to the gym and its more fun[/pullquote]Another reason is that this is an outdoor physical activity that makes you want to play it more and more as soon as you bring a few friends and challenge them. In the end, everyone will have a lot of fun and win the various prizes you’ve decided the winner of the game would receive.

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