Ohio Camping in January

Generally it is pretty cold in Ohio in January, so why Ohio camping in January                                                                

When I heard two of my nephews were planning a camping trip in that month I took an interest.

Ohio-Camping-in-JanuaryWere they serious. Was this just a couple of guys trying to outdo the other. Turns out they were serious. They both had been playing with this idea for quite awhile. It was their love of camping that was drawing them to the woods for a January weekend.

As young boys they had spent many weekends camping with family, boy scouts, and friends. In those years they had developed a number of  camping skills and understood in a limited sense what the Boy Scout motto meant to “Be Prepared”.

Camping was in their blood and they wanted to experience what it would be like to be in the woods for a cold January weekend.

So the date was set and plans were met. It was to be the January 9, 10, 11 weekend. Their goal was to pack lightly, and only bringing the necessities. This would be a chance to test their survival skills with past knowledge and apply some of the new skills they had read about.

Ohio camping in January… is that a good idea?

January 9 arrived and the weather forecast was that a severe cold front was moving in for the next 48 hours. It was very likely their survival skills would be tested in Zero or below weather with an added chill factor to boot

Ohio-Camping-in-January-1The idea of camping in these kinds of conditions continued to intrigue me, and I had to know more. I needed be there. Not as a participant, but as an observer.

I reached out to those two wilderness wonders and asked them if I could visit them. Not as one to join in camping, but rather as one to just observe the experience.


What was an – Ohio Camping in January –  experience… I had to know

Sure enough the next morning I headed to the woods. I set out to discover Ohio Camping in January. The area weather report was showing below Zero with a chill factor of minus 15 (-15). Those boys would have some stories to share.

Upon arriving at the campsite, their demeanor was incredibility upbeat. The weather had decided to test them in their Ohio Camping in January commitment by going from a high of 17 degrees when they arrived to dropping below zero through the night.

Adam chose to sleep with his head outside his sleeping bad and woke to frozen hair follicles while Zac ohio=camping-in-januarycovered his head with a towel and found that to be the best sleeping approach.

Their survival skills kicked in, setting up emergency blanket heat reflectors to keep the water from completely freezing. And they explained how a simple combination of flint and steel with cotton and chapstick can start a fire. That is how they started theirs.

For them it was fun to be out in the cold, celebrating the experience.


Watch the video and enjoy their insight as to what Ohio camping in January is like.

Adam Bove and Zac Bove give their perspective of Winter Camping in Sub-Zero Weather


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