Luggage Carriers | Cargo Carriers for Secure Christmas Gift Delivery


Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Time to prepare for your Holiday road trip. Have you made plans to get the Christmas merchandise safely to its destination. Well the time is now to do just that. A luggage carrier or cargo carrier from Sporto Motoring Accessories will make room for the passengers

Do you need easy access to the gifts while in transit. If so a rear mount carrier will be just the unit for you.  If you don’t need easy access then a rooftop carrier can be considered.

There are certain requirements for both the hitch mount carrier and the rooftop carrier. For the rear mount carrier you need a receiver hitch. Check to see if it is a 2″ receiver or 1.25″receiver. This will determine the type of carrier to get. If you decide on the roof mount carrier then you need a rooftop rail system for that. Vehicles are now sold with rails only, crossbars extra. You need both.

Decide if you want an open carrier or closed carrier system. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Prepare now for Holiday fun. Merry Christmas!

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