Is Democrat Party Kicking God Out of Democratic Party

Is the Democrat Party kicking God out of the “All Inclusive” Democratic Party

I am a Christian and believe the Democrat Party is kicking God out of the Democratic Party..

Here are my findings and judge for yourself.

This movement has been going on for a number of years. However the pace of God’s removal from the Democratic Party has picked up in recent years.

The Democratic Party says it is “all inclusive”, however the Democrat Party actions over the last several years seem to be saying something else.

The release of recent WikiLeaks are just another indication that God is on His way out.

Democrat Party kicking God out of Democratic Party?

During the last Presidential Election in 2012, if you recall, there was a rules change at the Democratic National Convention.

Those that determine the Democratic Platform had stripped out any mention of God. Why would they do that.

President Obama got wind of the removal and told the members to put the word God back into the Platform.

That was not easy to do. In order to get the word “God” back in to the Platform they had to vote Him back in by a 2/3 majority from the Convention floor.

To be clear they did not vote the PROPER NOUN “God” back in rather they voted the ADJECTIVE “God-given” in to the Platform.

This is an important distinction. By not recognizing the Proper Noun “God” the Democratic Party avoided recognizing God as a significant being. By adding “God-given” in to the Platform as an adjective God was made less significant, the Party could say God was part of Platform, and Christians were appeased.

Now watch how this develops.

An interesting side note to this reinstatement of the word “God” is that it was our very own Honorable ex Ohio Governor Ted Strickland – who is currently running against Rob Portman in Ohio for a Senate seat, who was the Democratic Platform Drafting Committee Chair.

It just so happens that Mr Strickland is an ordained United Methodist Minister, his own words on video. I have to wonder why, as an ordained Minister, he approved the Platform in the first place – without God’s name in it.

Had Mr Strickland left God in the Platform from the start, there would have been no amendments to get God back in the Platform.

The specific amendments can be viewed in the first video on this page.

In order to pass the floor amendments the Convention needed a 2/3 majority. Listen at the 1:25 mark while the Chairman struggles to get 2/3 majority. Personally I did not hear that majority.

Regardless it was difficult four years ago to get a majority of the members to agree to put God back in to the Democratic Platform and that struggle continues. Many in the Democrat Party want God kicked out.

Recently Mrs Clinton spoke out against religious beliefs “her words” in this video. She is directly attacking Freedom of Religion. Listen

These words from Mrs Clinton seem to be saying as a member of the Democrat Party kicking God Out of Democratic Party is okay with me.

The 2016 Democratic Platform is another indication God is about to be booted from the Democrat Party. 

Read both Platforms – Democrat and Republican. It is easy to determine which Party embraces God and which Party wants to kick Him out.

Democratic Party Platform: Click here 

Republican Party Platform: Click Here

When doing research in the two Platforms, my goal was to find any reference to God in each of the Platforms. I allowed for names that would directly reference God as in: God, Divine, Creator.

If anyone reading the Platforms finds these stats to be inaccurate send a comment and, if I can verify, I will gladly update my stats.

What I found was revealing:

Democratic Party Platform:

No direct reference to the Proper Noun God.

No reference to the Constitution “endowed by their Creator”

Two references to the adjective God-given                                                            

page 14: God-given                                                                            

page 45: God-given

Republican Party Platform:  

Four direct references to the Proper Noun God as: God, Creator, or Divine.

page i reference to Constitution “endowed by their “Creator”  and God-given                                

page ii God and Divine

page 9 several references God 2x, God-given 5x        

page 12 God-given                                                                            

page 31 God

Why not include the proper noun God in the Democratic Platform. If God is part of the Party of the Democrats why not say it. Why not address Him by name. I found these answer in the Democratic Platform.

Read what the Democratic Party Platform says about Faith page 19. Quote…

“Respecting Faith and Service

Democrats know that our nation, our communities, and our lives are made vastly stronger and richer by faith in many forms and the countless acts of justice, mercy, and tolerance it inspires. We believe in lifting up and valuing the good work of people of faith and religious organizations and finding ways to support that work where possible.

We believe in the power of national service to solve problems and break down barriers by bringing people of all backgrounds together in common purpose. National service expands opportunity for people across America, strengthening our communities and our country. And those who serve earn education awards that they can use for college while building valuable work skills. We will support and strengthen AmeriCorps with the goal that every American who wants to participate in full-time national service will have the opportunity to do so.”

The belief in God for the Democratic Party  rests in “many forms” not in God the proper noun..

Recently through WikiLeads we found that those running the Hillary Clinton for President Campaign have disdain for Catholics and Evangelicals.

Megyn Kelly Fox News Video

The Major News Networks will not make this an issue. However there are News Organizations that have less influence that are getting the news out.

Here is an article: Hillary Clinton Confidants Mock Catholics / Evangelicals

I wonder how many Democrats realize that the Democrat Party is kicking God out of their Democratic Party.

Many of my friends are Democrats and are super God-fearing people. However, it is my view, these Democrat Christians do not have a clue the Democrat Party is kicking God out of the Democratic Party.

Democratic Party seems to be taking a more aggressive with the Abortion issue. When first passed abortion was to be for extreme cases as in rape and incess. Mrs Clinton, in the last debate, made it clear that her position is that a woman has the right to choose at any time during the pregnacy. Is that the position that God would take.

Video of Catholic priest giving Catholic Congregation clarity on the abortion issue.

Hosea 4:6

God’s people are destroyed without knowledge

2 Chronicles 7:14

If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves  and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

God Bless America!



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