Gratitude Day

Thanksgiving Day is Gratitude Day

What are you grateful for today?

Each year we celebrate the day with a smoked turkey. I am the family expert, when it comes to smoking a turkey. It is a skill that has been developed over the years and is an expected family traditon.

As I slid into my official smoked turkey pants and sweatshirt and slowly made my way to the staging area I bagain to think of all the little Blessings God had shared with me in this past year.

Not more money, there is less of that, but more appreciation for the things that cost nothing. We have a grandson. He has no idea who I am but loves me with a smile or a koo and asks nothing in return. I am grateful for Jack.

My health continues to be good, maybe I should cut back on the desserts or walk a few more steps, but I don’t. I am grateful for good health.

My family is there. Whether it be immediate or extended, the love and support is unending.Our Thanksgiving Day will be filled with family. Coming from out of town, across town, bringing various friends, pets,  and issues. All the dynamics of extended family will be front and center. I am grateful for family.

We have another tradition. Before the Thanksgiving meal begins, each of us expresses our gratitude for something from the past year. It is an awesome tradition, something I recommend. Part of the beauty of these individual prayers is to follow the spiritual growth of the individual each year. I am grateful for my faith.

Happy Gratitude Day!

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