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Flying PigFlying Pig adds to memories



Many of you know for the last several months, I have been preparing for the Flying Pig Half Marathon.

This was not my idea, in the beginning. It took prompting and encourangement until I was ready to commit.

Our son Ryan, back in the fall, said if I got back in shape, he would run the Flying Pig Marathon with me in the Spring. Since I had always wanted to run the Pig the idea was enough to get me thinking.

As time went on I started to walk in January and in February I made the commitment to do not the full Flying Pig Marathon but the Flying Pig Half Marathon.

Well at that point things got interesting. We have two other sons Kevin and Travis. Kevin hinted that he would do the Half as well and Travis wanted no part in it.

No problem. To me to have two of our sons running in the Flying Pig was awesome. It was just one more thing to add to my resolve. So in February the serious training started.

Family commits to Flying Pig

Interesting thing happened in early March. Kevin said he was going for the full marathon, Travis was still not interested in either.He would wish all three of us luck.

Family competition is interesting. I cannot say for sure the real reason, however with a little prodding from each of the three commitments, Travis also commited to the Half.

This was an unbelievable possibility for this Dad. To consider he would be running with all three of his sons, just pushed me further to get in shape to finish that half marathon. How exciting it would be.

On Sunday May 3 at 6;30 am the gun sounded and all four of us began our journey to the finish line. Kevin in the Full Flying Pig Marathon, Ryan, Travis, and me in the Half Flying Pig Marathon. Each of us entered in the Flying Pig as family, yet running the event as individuals.

During the race this father had so many moments of family pride. Just thinking about reality of all of us running this event gave me a sense of pride in who they had become.

All of us crossed the finish line. The Flying Pig gave us one more memory.


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