Flying Pig Half Marathon a journey to the finish line

For the last 5 months I have been preparing for the…

Flying Pig Half Marathon.

Now in just a couple of days the starting gun will sound and I along with 15,000+ half marathoners will begin the quest to the finish line.

For me much has come from this journey to the finish line.

Flying Pig Half MarathonI really had not considered doing any more long distance runs. Many years ago, I ran several marathons however those days were in the past and were great memories.

In the fall one of our sons, Ryan, approached me with the concern that I was out of shape and needed to do some serious exercise to get back in shape. He threw a carrot out there: why not get back in shape so that he and I could do the Flying Pig Marathon in the spring.

The Flying Pig was always the marathon…

that I wished I had done. I am Cincinnati born and raised so certainly that caught my interest.

For the next couple of months I continued to think about it so much that in early January I begain to walk the neighborhood.

By the end of the month I was walking outside the neighborhood. And by the end of the month I was ready to make the committment. However for me it would need to be the Flying Pig Half Marathon not the Full.

Once making that committment the journey to the finish line was empowering. My mental, physical, and spiritual being was re-energized. I was in closer touch with myself.

In the process, our other two sons, Kevin and Travis, decided that they to would run the Flying Pig. Kevin  will be running the full Marathon and Travis and Ryan will be running the half marathon.

For me to know I will be participating in the Flying Pig with all three sons is just a hoot. I could not have ever imagined this moment. For the last several months I have been able to embrace this reality and just enjoy the heck out of it.

Flying Pig Half Marathon hours away

Sunday May 3 the starting gun will sound for the Flying Pig. Through the grace of God I will be there at the starting line. And thank Him for another special moment: the journey to the finish line.

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