Eleanor gets top billing at Mecum Auctions

Eleanor gets top billing at Mecum Auctions and brings a cool $1 million

Eleanor has left the stage.  With the allure of $1 million dollars she barely waved goodbye. In an instant, she sped off into the sunset.

She was estimated to go for a lot less by the Mecum Auctions group, more like $300,000.00. But Eleanor would have nothing to do with the lower level bidders. She shunned them from the start.  With a flash here and a strut there, Eleanor left her admirers with exactly what she wanted.

The crowd went wild. Just one more peak. She gave them all they wanted. From her perky engine to the supple interior, Eleanor played her part.

For some awesome photos and a great video you can get a final glimpse of the Gone in 60 Seconds star follow the instructions.

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“Gone in 60 Seconds” star Eleanor fetches $1 million at auction

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