Easter Is a Special Time for Me

By Ken Geers

As a Christian, I can think of no more special time then Easter. It is the culmination of Jesus human life. With His acceptance of God’s will, He assured me eternal life.

During Easter week our church celebrates Holy Thursday with a Mass of the Lord’s Supper. The mass is symbolic of the last meal that Jesus had with His disciples. During the Mass I was reminded of the gift of the Eucharist. At that last meal Jesus broke bread gave it to those in attendance and told them to remember Him. The Eucharist allows me to do that every day.

We celebrate Good Friday with an afternoon service. This Good Friday was a sign of reassurance for me. The sky had been overcast giving the church interior a minimum of natural light.

We include the veneration of the cross, a chance for each of us to walk forward and say a special prayer at the foot of the cross. This cross is life size and life like giving a striking representation of the crucifixion of Jesus.

As the procession moved to the cross, the clouds separated and the sun’s rays embraced the cross.  It was so telling. The rest of the church was dim and yet there in all His radiance was Jesus spot lighted by the Sun. For me, it was God’s way of assuring me that Jesus truly is the Light of the world.

I am grateful for His gifts to me and cannot wait until Sunday

Happy Easter