Different Standard for Hillary Clinton… you be the judge

Is there a different standard for Hillary Clinton in the eyes of the law.

You be the judge…

Does the rule of law apply differently to her. Is there a double standard.

Did our Legal System give her a pass, for destroying over 30,000+ emails. Remember she had received a subpoena from Congress and yet she still went ahead and destroyed them. This is a crime.

I love my country and it concerns me that the Rule of Law no longer applies to those people that are in power. And that our System – Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation is no longer the Checks and Balances they are supposed to be.

The Rule of Law is the bedrock of who we are. Race, color or creed Lady Justice is supposed to provide equal justice to all. If Lady Justice does not provide equal justice to all under the law and we create this double standard then our system deteriorates. The core principles are no longer in place. If a double standard is applied at the highest level of our government then we have lost all control.

If in fact our soon to be President is not held to the same standard of the law as everyone else then the Rule of Law no longer means anything.

If Loretta Lynch the Attorney General – the Chief Prosecutor of the United States, and James Comey – the Chief Investigator of the United States, did not apply the same standards of the law to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton then what are we to expect from a President Hillary Clinton Administration.

Here is what I discovered. Review it and determine your own conclusion. I did not find this information by going through what is supposed to be our First Line of Defense – the Press and that in itself concerns me. I found it by going online and watching and listening first hand to the individuals in question: Mrs. Clinton, Ms Lynch, and Mr Comey.

Different standard Hillary Clinton in eyes of the law?

I hope that those of you that read this will find it informative and give you an understanding of what is at stake in this election.

Statements from Hillary Clinton regarding Emails. James Comey Statements regarding Hillary Emails. Time of Video 1 Minute 47 seconds (1:47)


Congress has what are called Government Oversight Committees that are one of the Checks and Balance to help assure we the people that our laws are followed.

At times these committees can be political. Right now Democrats are accusing Republicans of making the issue of Classified emails a partisan issue. Watch the videos and decide for yourself.

Keep in mind that Loretta Lynch – the Head of the Department of Justice, met with Bill Clinton the husband of Hillary Clinton – the one who was criminally being investigated by the FBI for destruction of Federal Property and who would eventually decide whether a case would be brought against Mrs Clinton.

This meeting was the end of June, in Ms Lynch private airplane in Arizona, no Press, cameras, or recording was permitted. We were told they discussed grand children and golf.

Just a few days later Mr. Comey announced there would be no charges brought against Mrs. Clinton.

Our system of justice has a procedure. the FBI investigates and the Justice Department prosecutes. This is the only time the FBI has announced “there is nothing to prosecute here.”

And it is the only time the Department of Justice has announced before reviewing the data from the FBI “I will follow the FBI direction”

All of this back and forth from Mr Clinton meeting Ms Lynch on the private airplane to Ms Lynch supporting the FBI recommendation, to the FBI announcement was all within 10 days.

The facts cause reasonable people to question our legal system

Ms Lynch Attorney General Head of Department of Justice undo oath testifying to Congress – Time of video 2 Minute 44 seconds (2:44)

Mr Comey Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI Director under oath testifying to Congress. Time of Video 25 minutes 22 seconds (25:22)

Congressman Steve Chabot questions FBI Director Comey under oath. Time of video Time of Video 3 minutes and 50 seconds (3:50)

My hope is that those that read this information will get more clarity on this complicated issue.

Here is a new video that allows the viewer to follow the deleted trail. The information is provided by Honorable Trey Gowdy.

It is worth watching because it does allow the viewer to understand more clearly what went on with the deletion on the emails.

It appears there is a different standard for Hillary Clinton. Watch as the investigation is discussed by Professional Investigators.

Discussion starts at the 2:40 mark

God says:

Hosea 4:6  My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge

2 Chronicles 7:14 If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves  and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

If helpful please forward this information to others

God Bless America!




Different standard for Hillary Clinton… you be the judge

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