Destin Bull Reds are memory makers

Destin Bull Reds

Just a few weeks ago our family made its way from Cincinnati to the Emerald Sands of Destin, Florida.

The family complexion had changed. Where just a short time ago, my wife and I were enjoying the moments of three boys growing into manhood, now those same boys were adult men with responsibilities – starting their own families and developing careers.

Over the years, we always managed to set aside money for a charter fishing trip during that vacation time. It was the highlight of our vacation and this vacation was not to be the exception.

The same methodical search took place for our Destin, Florida fishing captain that has taken place with the very first charter captain search.

After securing Captain JJ the date was set and the anticipation started. In just three days we would be fishing for the elusive Bull Reds

At 5:45 am Thursday morning we met Captain JJ and requested to come on board. With permission granted, the adrenalin kicked in..

For those of you who have never fished for Bull Reds, let me assure you that this fish does not want to be caught.

It is very seldom that the Destin Bull Reds will hook themselves and when given theSporto-Motoring-Accessories-Fishing-Bull-Red-3 opportunity will high tail for a place that will snag and cut the line. Your better fishing skills must be brought to the table.

We did not bring our better fishing skills. The first several made fools of us. It added to the drama Who would be the first to land one. Would it be any of us? Travis was the one and for the next 45 minutes he reminded each one of us how much more fun it was to actually get a Bull Red in the boat. None of us appreciated his boasting.



Landing Destin Bull Reds requires skill


Sporto-Motoring-Accessories-Bull-Red-Fishing-2Next it was Ryan, and thankfully now he had a picture to prove to his son he could catch fish. He was quick to emphasize to Kevin that it really was more fun to bring the Bull onto the boat.



Landing Destin Bull Reds requires patience

Kevin was discusted with both of his brothers until he landed one that just happened Sporto-Motoring-Accessories-Bull-Red-Fishing-1      to be the biggest Bull Red of them all.

We had a great time.


For Destin Bull Reds look up Captain JJ.

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Destin Bull Reds are memory makers


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Topic: Destin Bull Reds are memory makers


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