Christmas Day – What a Mess

Where is our Spirit this Chrismas Day? A good test to determine our Christmas Spirit will be observing our reaction to the Christmas wrap. Is the wrap a bother? Is it just another mess to be cleaned up as soon as possible so we can move on with the next part of our lives.

This year let’s not clean that mess up so fast. Whether it is one gift or many the meaning of Christmas can be found in the wrap. All the anxiety and joy that comes with the Season has as its focal point the Gift Giving. Think of the time you spend on the gift choice, the wrap choice, and the bow choice. Much of your personality and time has gone into that gift presentation. Doesn’t it deserve more than 30 seconds of fame.

So this year why not leave the mess. Let that discarded wrap be a reminder to you of all the love that is shared on Christmas Day. Maybe roll a piece into a ball and give it a pitch at someone. Just another way to express your love to those that matter. Leave the wrap. It is a love mess.

It’s Christmas. Celebrate your love for each other. Celebrate God’s Gift to each of us. Merry Christmas!

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