Sporto Motoring Accessories – Weekend Project – Painting

Sporto Motoring Accessories – On hold for weekend chores Throughout the week much of my time is consumed by Sporto Motoring serving customers with the best interior and exterior automotive accessories money can buy. The weekends are usually spent doing things other than auto accessories for Sporto Motoring. Painting takes priority Over the past several weekends my […]

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Christmas Day – What a Mess

Where is our Spirit this Chrismas Day? A good test to determine our Christmas Spirit will be observing our reaction to the Christmas wrap. Is the wrap a bother? Is it just another mess to be cleaned up as soon as possible so we can move on with the next part of our lives. This […]

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Gratitude Day

Thanksgiving Day is Gratitude Day What are you grateful for today? Each year we celebrate the day with a smoked turkey. I am the family expert, when it comes to smoking a turkey. It is a skill that has been developed over the years and is an expected family traditon. As I slid into my official smoked […]

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Two Months Underground – Free at Last

A good feeling has to come over you as the Chilean miners begin to appear from their den of doom. Who would have believed that these 33 men had any chance for survival. With determination and a lot of effort from those above ground,  each of these men, one at a time, gets a second shot […]

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Dad and Son Hang Out in Outer Space

Homemade Spacecraft from Luke Geissbuhler on Vimeo. Enjoy this video from a camera attached to a weather balloon by a father and son team as they explored the possibilities of – what if.

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Riverfest 2010 Fireworks – An artistic display of color and light

Riverfest Cincinnati has a single meaning to most – an awesome display of fireworks. The annual ooh-and-ahh-inducing fireworks show captivates over a half a million spectators. The view is spectacular from the banks of Ohio and Kentucky. As the explosions of color dance in the sky to the back drop of bridges that tie the two states […]

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