Cargo Carriers Make the Difference in Road Travel

Vacation Travel is in full swing and many families are taking to the road. Before stuffing those suitcases and duffel bags in the space between the passengers consider the use of outside the vehicle storage in order to make your trip more pleasant.

There are many types of luggage carriers and cargo carriers that can accommodate the additional items necessary for a long road trip. Choose between a Rooftop Luggage Carrier or a Hitch Mount Carrier. If you decide to go with a Rooftop Carrier, in most cases, a rooftop luggage carrier will require a roof rail system with crossbars. If your vehicle doesn’t have a rail system check with the Auto Dealership or go online to find a compatible rail system. Check the manufacturer specifications to see what the roof load is before just putting any weight on the vehicle roof. There are Hard Roof Top Carriers and Soft Top Carriers. Each having advantages and disadvantages so choose based on your requirements. One way to see if the carrier dimensions will accommodate your needs is to make a string measurement on the floor of the and place the items you plan to have it hold inside.

The Hitch Mount or Rear Mount Carriers attach to the rear of the vehicle and require a 2 in. or 1.25 in. receiver. Each vehicle has a rated towing capacity and it is important to have the proper receiver hitch in place. The Dealership is a good place to start for this. It will know the towing capacity of the particular vehicle and do the proper receiver installation. Many vehicles are already accessorized with a receiver hitch in place.

There are choices with the type of Hitch Mount Cargo Carriers as well. There are Hard Rear Mount Carriers and Combination Metal Trays with or without Soft Carrier Bags. This is a matter of choice. The internet is a good place to search for the proper Hitch Mount Carrier that fits your requirements. It is a good idea to spend a little more and get a Locking Hitch Pin to hold your carrier securely in place on the receiver.

Spend a little time before your trip thinking of the items that are necessary to take with you and get the proper outside the vehicle storage so there is room for the passengers. Your trip will be a lot more fun.

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