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Ken Geers is the Editor-in-Chief of Sporto Motoring Auto News and Reviews. A must have publication for auto enthusiasts. Read his thoughts and the thoughts of others regarding auto related topics in Editorials, Reviews, and Articles.

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Rare sounds of Ferrari 599

Rare sounds of Ferrari 599 on video It is the sound that brings chills up the spine. You can hear them now in the comforts of your home. Listen as the engine moves from upper gears to lower than right back up to speed. The Ferrari sound is special and this video makes the point. […]

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New Baby Jag caught by spy camera

New Baby Jag caught by spy camera… check out photos Want to get a sneak preview of the Baby Jag? You can check it out here, but do not expect to see it until 2015. The looks are without question Jaguar. Not a whole lot is known about this vehicle. It shares what would be […]

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College Automotive Program gets a lift

    Parkland College students get new cars… but not to drive Recently Parkland College got a boost to its automotive program when the Department received a gift of two new cars. The program was presented with two new 2012 Volkswagen Passats.  These aspiring auto technicians will have an opportunity to study and work with […]

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Showcase in Weston Classic Car Fundraiser

Chance to showcase in Weston Classic Car Fundraiser Here is your chance to display your pride and joy for a good cause.  The organizers of the Alden Sherman Classis Car and Motorcycle Show in Weston Connecticut are looking for entrants. The show is this fall so give them a call. The show raises funds for […]

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Mazda MX-5 working on something new

Mazda MX-5 with diesel power…maybe Could the Mazda sports car have a diesel engine in its future? The next generation Mazda MX-5 is in the works and it will be available with several options. Co-developed with Alfa Romero the upcoming sports car could include a diesel engine choice in the mix. The new model due […]

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Volkswagen Golf GTI has something new to offer

Volkswagen Golf GTI has something new to offer and its called high-performance Volkswagen has a new Golf up its sleeves and it is about to give us a tease at the 2013 Worthersee Show. It seemed to make sense that this would be the show to present the Golf GTI. Volkswagen has revealed that a […]

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