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Redford to get 10 new police cars without increasing budget

¬†Redford Township Board votes 10 New Police Cars without increasing budget Redford Township voted 10 new police cars to be added to the police force. This decision was made without any concerns to fiscal responsibility. Now 1o cars were estimated to cost over $240,000, so whay no concern. Drug busts could cover this expense with […]

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Tight used car market | 5 cars to buy new

Tight used car market | 5 cars to buy new rather than used The used car market for many cars and trucks is rather tight these days so the pickings are rather slim. This shortage makes sense, when you consider the few number of new cars and trucks that were sold in the past four […]

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Driverless cars are here

¬†Driverless cars are here… already Watch the video of this Audi travel from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea without a driver. It is impressive to say the least. A series of cameras guide the vehicle through traffic and traffic signals with not much hesitation. This system for the Audi is much less cumbersome than the […]

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Students have a different idea of car choice

What new cars are the students choosing I found an interesting automotive article in The article discussed new car choices of students and included a list. College students need to look at a budget a little differently than a full time employee. Where many students elect to pass on a new car and stay […]

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Top Ten Car Challenges to Negotiate for Memorial Day Weekend

Top Ten Car Challenges to Negotiate for Memorial Day Weekend

Top Ten Car Challenges for Memorial Day Weekend Memorial Day weekend is a great time to kick some tires. However if you plan to make a new car purchase you are going to find there is not much negotiations when a comes to a certain few. It is not like there is something wrong with […]

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Eleanor gets top billing at Mecum Auctions

Eleanor gets top billing at Mecum Auctions and brings a cool $1 million Eleanor has left the stage.¬† With the allure of $1 million dollars she barely waved goodbye. In an instant, she sped off into the sunset. She was estimated to go for a lot less by the Mecum Auctions group, more like $300,000.00. […]

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