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Volkswagen New Small Family Platform Takes Shape

Volkswagen Small Platform Takes Shape with new addition Volkswagen continues to move toward the Small Family Platform with the Taigun compact Suv. It believes there is a market for a smaller version of a suv. For more information about this plan click “Volkswagen UP spawns mini-Suv”. To read the complete article follow the link below: […]

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New Car Buyers making deals faster

New Car Buyers closing the deal faster than they used to New car buyers seem to be in a bigger hurry to take ownership of that new car. In a recent third-party vehicle shopping site survey, that is the conclusion. According to new vehicle shoppers have cut their shopping in half from two years […]

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New Car Owners Beware of Six Month Danger

¬†New Car Owners Beware of Hidden Danger Here is some interesting news, you might not know. When buying a new car, you are twice as likely to get in an auto accident the first six months of new car ownership. A new study done by the Insurance Underwriter Accident Exchange¬† found that new vehicle owners […]

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BMW prepares for battle with Mercedes S-class

BMW prepares for battle with Mercedes S-class… no surprise here BMW wasted no time in their buzz regarding the BMW 7-series. The talk is that it will be the most technically advanced car in BMW’s history. That is saying something for a car known for its technology. Prototypes have hit the road in advance of […]

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Seniors in Medina rewarded with new cars

Seniors in Medina rewarded with new cars… congratulations Can you imagine. Just graduating from high school and someone presents with a new car. That is exactly what happened in Medina, Ohio to some lucky high school students. A generous local car dealership made dreams come true for six lucky students. This gift of generosity has […]

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What age group is buying cars

What age group is buying cars… I wonder A study was done by the University of Michigan and it found that the older generation is the most likely to purchase a new car. Certainly there are reasons for that which the study points out. It seems to me that is the group that would have […]

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