Add a Tool Box to Your Pickup Truck

Sometimes, an accessory is added to a pick up truck because it aids in helping the driver perform a professional duty. In an old episode of the classic Lee Major’s television series THE FALL GUY, the title heroic bounty hunter’s pick up truck had a secret compartment. The compartment was there so he could hide the fugitives when driving through hostile territory. Ok, it is pretty doubtful the average person would need something so esoteric on a truck. (Plus, there really are no stores that sell bounty hunter secret compartments!) And Lee wasn’t fooling anyone in that episodeā€¦that secret compartment was really little more than a tool box compartment accessory!

Now, some may be asking why anyone would want to affix a toolbox permanently to the truck. After all, can’t the driver just toss the toolbox into the bed of the truck when they need it? Sure, they could do this. Then again, considering the basics of human nature some drivers have probably reached their destination and discovered they left their toolbox at home. A tool box accessory to the pickup truck itself probably would have seemed like a good idea at that point!

There are a number of reasons why an individual would have a tool box affixed to a pick up truck. One reason is organization. By having tools already inventoried and placed in a toolbox compartment, the driver knows he has access and possession of every tool that he needs. There is no reason to go fishing around for anything hoping you have everything that you need. Nor is there any need to move the tools and toolbox on and off the truck. In addition to the previously mentioned example of an absent minded job site problem, it also would be annoying if an unforeseen on the road breakdown occurred and the driver was without the needed tools to deal with the situation. These things happen, but they can be taken care of or minimized with a little preventive maintenance. Again, having a toolbox affixed to the truck would eliminate a number of those problems.

Now, some may worry about problems related to theft of the box. After all, wouldn’t the site of the toolbox on the truck be a tip off to thieves as to its contents? Well, maybe so but just because the thieves might know what is in the box does not mean they can gain access to it. The toolbox can be fastened and locked making access to its contents next to impossible. For those who worry that the toolbox may be removed from the truck itself, such a venture would hardly be easy. The toolbox is fastened to the truck in a theft safe manner making removing it quite difficult. Since speed is always a necessity for a thief, dealing with the difficulty of removing the toolbox would probably discourage them from even trying.

So, really, the benefits far out way the negatives when it comes to deciding if a toolbox should be included on your truck.. If you have a profession or hobby that heavily involves the use of tools, adding a toolbox to your truck would save a lot of time and hassle.

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