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There are a number of reasons why people purchase SUV and Crossover SUV accessories. For many, these accessories are purchased for cosmetics reasons. That is, they are purchased to improve the look of the SUV. Of course, there is nothing wrong with this at all. After all, who would not want their SUV to look good? Then, there are those who purchase accessories for functional purposes such as a hitch mount cargo carrier. Now, if you were to ask the average person what else is included under the category of function, there is one category most people do not think of. That category is “pet safety” accessories.

While some may scoff at the notion of maintaining a dog’s safety while driving, this is not a category that is unserious. If a driver is transporting a pet, the driver has the responsibility to maintain the safety of the pet. This is not only a matter of being a responsible pet owner. It is a matter of being a safe driver. If a pet is not properly contained then it can represent a hazard to the owner and other drivers on the road. SUV accessories for pets are far from vanity items. They are critical to maintaining driving safety.

Specifically, there are a number of pet guards, nets, and barriers that can be installed in the cargo area of a SUV. These guards generally restrict a dog’s movements to the cargo area and keep it from distracting the driver. This greatly helps to avoid any mishaps while allowing the dog the ability to move about freely in the rear area. The latter aspect of these suv and crossover suv accessories is one of the best aspects to these guards. They do not restrict the dog in any inhumane manner. No, there is no reason to strap a dog down and make it restrictively uncomfortable. These pet guards maintain both the safety and comfort of the animal. That is a tough combo to top!

Pet guards are not the only SUV accessories that can be employed to avoid any problems transporting you dog. There is also the “pet hammock” which can be affixed to the rear seating of the SUV. As its name would imply, a pet hammock is the same thing as a “human” hammock. Dogs safely rest in the hammock while the SUV is moving. Of course, the pet hammock also comes with safety features that restrict the dog’s movement to maintain safety. So, yes, a pet hammock eliminates any dangers or distractions the dog might cause. If, however, you wish to play it safer there is also the option of using a pet stowaway accessory. This is a variant on the classic pet carriage but it is designed in a much, more comfortable manner. Yet, despite the elevated comfort of the pet stowaway, safety is never compromised.

When it comes to pet accessories for pet travel, one should never discount the value of those accessories designed to maintain the safety while driving with a loyal pet. Pets provide their owners with much love and joy. So, why not return the favor and keep them safe when you take them with you on your travels?

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