Jaguar 2014 Two-Seater is Introduced

New 2014 Jaguer 2-Seater is on its way

Some guys get all the luck. Jeremy Cato would have to be on that list. His recent article would attest to that.

“I am surrounded by four beautiful two-seaters in the hushed courtyard of the Muga de Beloso Alma Pamplona Hotel”, Jeremy says as he begins to share his introduction to the new 2014 Jaguer 2-seater.

He reviews the classics parked before him as he begins the tour.

To his right is the C-Type Jague from the early 1950s, to the left is a 1956 Jaguer D-Type. Just a few steps away is a 1961 E-Type, a classic. This bit of history is preparing him for the introduction of the latest Jaguer entry, the 2014 Jaguer F-Type. It is enjoyable reading. Follow the complete article below.

To read the complete article of the Jaguar evolution go here:

After 40 years, new Jaguar two-seater a worthy successor to the E-Type

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