Is There Much Change to Car Size from 20 Years Ago

How much has the car size changed from 20 years ago?

The answer to that question is quite a lot. As a matter of fact according to this writer things have gotten way out of control.

The comparisons are interesting. He takes the new Audi S3 2015, just introduced at the New York show, and notes that observers noticed in was similiar to the Audi A4 introduced in 1995.

He compares the Ford Focus to the Ford Tempo, the Dodge Dart to the Dodge Stratus, and the Mercedes-Benz CLA Class to the Mercedes- Benz CLA Class. The observations are worth noting. To read more about these observations go here.

To read complete article follow this link:                                                                                                            Just How Massive Are New Cars Compared To 20-Year-Old Ones?


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