7 Must-Have Pickup Truck Accessories

Truck Accessories

Pickup Truck Accessories

A truck is the pride and joy of its owner, and making sure your vehicle is preforming at its absolute best can sometimes seem like a full-time job without truck accessories.

However, owning a truck is also a lot of fun and whether you just bought a new truck, or are looking to revamp your old one, there are many things you can do to accessorize and customize your vehicle. The following 7 accessories are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to pickup truck accessories and creating your dream machine.

Pickup Truck Accessories high on the list

Truck Racks
Pickup trucks, at their very core, are utility vehicles. If you plan on using your bed as much as most truck owners do, a truck rack could prove to be a very worthwhile investment. Truck racks come in many shapes and sizes and ultimately serve the purpose of organizing, maximizing, and expanding the volume of your truck’s bed – making for clean, easy, and methodical hauling.

Tailgate Protector
If planning on using the bed of your pickup to its full potential, consider buying a tailgate protector. Tailgates get beat up quite a bit when loading and unloading stuff from the truck bed or partying before sporting events, and a tailgate protector will effectively eliminate the risk of any serious damage.

Truck Tailgates
Many high-powered trucks do not get the greatest gas mileage, but you can improve your mileage by purchasing a specially designed tailgate. Standard tailgates cause drag and trap air within your bed, but air flow tailgates allow air to pass through which in turn improves your efficiency without compromising the security and durability of your bed.

Bed Covers
Buying a cover for your truck bed can add many dimensions to the functionality of your truck. Both Tonneau covers and hard cap covers allow you to protect and store cargo and can be attached and removed with ease. If bed covers aren’t quite your thing, but you would still like the added security they provide when moving cargo, consider buying a cargo net to put over the gear in your bed.

High Quality Trailer Hitch
While many pickup trucks come with a serviceable trailer hitch, you can vastly improve the security, weight, and towing capability by investing in a heavy-duty hitch. Once again, if you plan on using your truck to its full potential a purchasing a high quality trailer hitch may be in your best interest.

Pickup Truck Accessories for protection

Wheel Splash Guards
Some people may dismiss wheel splash guards as hokey accessories but, if you plan on towing things behind your truck or care about the drivers behind you, splash guards are a worthy investment as they protect whatever is behind you from gravel and debris kicked up by your tires.

Floor Mats and Seat Covers
Many of the previous accessories dealt with utility, floor mats and seat covers are concerned with protection. Both do incredible jobs protecting your interior from spills, dirt, and grime and can save you a lot of time and money cleaning and removing stains from your truck’s interior.

Pickup truck accessories that protect help to keep the truck value up.

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