End of Year Model – A good idea or bad idea?

Fall is the time of year you can expect to see New Car introductions – a tradition that started in the 1930’s. At that time new cars were introduced in January the start of the year. By changing the new car introduction to fall the new cars sales cycle was increased.

If you are in the market for a new car, does it make more sense to buy a new car previous year model. Or does it make more sense to buy a new car from the current year model. The answer is it depends. With the current year model you get all the newest bells and whistles. Remember car makers completely redesign models every five years or so,  and make other more meaningful updates midway thru this cycle. However New Models generally always cost more.[pullquote]Does a New Car from the previous year make more sense than a car from the current year?[/pullquote]

Buying a previous year model will save you some money, but remember it is a year old when driven off the lot. To those of us that keep a car for a long while this doesn’t matter. For those of us who trade a car in every couple of years this is costly.

The good news is if you drive a lot of miles, you can spread those miles out further with a previous year model.  This will probably increase your trade-in value when the time comes.You do not get the latest features, with the previous year model so keep that in mind.

Perhaps a good thing to think about is that by the time the manufacturer gets to year end the bugs have been worked out so you are less likely to spend time in the dealer service bay. You would hope so anyway.

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