Protect Your Dash with a Truck Dash Cover?

truck dash cover   It amazes me the number of customers who insist on getting a truck dash cover moments after purchasing their new truck. The truck is barely home and they are placing their order online, hoping to get their custom made dash cover sooner rather than later.

Truck dash covers serve a purpose

Our customers insist on complete interior truck protection. Floor mats are important, seat covers matter, and dash covers are right up there as well. The dash cover is something you might not think of right away but probably you should. If you have a truck good chance it will be taking a lot of abuse. And the more you can minimize that abuse the better it is for the truck.

The Dash Mat is a great way to protect your dash from all the abuse you decide to give your truck. There is something about a truck that just makes it necessary to put things on the dash. Whether it be a tool – as in hammer, pliers, smart phone, etc. the dash seems more like a shelf. A truck dash cover will take the abuse and still look nice.

Truck Dash Covers are available in a number of choices.

There are a multitude of fabrics and fabric colors to choose. Suede, nylon carpet and in-between make for a fun time when placing your order. Select from a number of mats. choose with personalization and without. It is best to order a custom truck dash cover to maximize your protection rather than ordering a non custom mat. Dash mats take about two weeks to receive. Must mats are made to order so remember to allow for that.

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Order a dash mat online from Sporto Motoring. Enjoy the difference a truck dash cover will make in your truck interior protection.


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