The Right Tires for Your Car – Know the Basics

The tires on vehicles are one of the most important safety factors, yet we tend to take them for granted more than any other feature.  Your car tires keep you and your loved ones safe, give you a comfortable ride and also contribute to more efficient gas mileage.  With value like that it’s important to give your tires special attention.
The first thing you want to do is to check your auto tires for wear to confirm that you need new ones.  An easy method for this is to take a penny and insert it into the tread.  If Lincoln’s head can be seen you need new tires. Other signals are wear bars, breaks, slashes and evidence of uneven wear.[pullquote]If buckle up for safety makes sense, then checking tires for safety makes sense as well.[/pullquote]
Once you have determined that you need new tires you need to consider the type of driving you do.  This includes the weather, distance and speeds that you normally drive.  Car tires are designed for specific results.  Many people are the most comfortable with an all-season tire because it is a good compromise for all conditions.
Take a look at your current tire size to know what size your new ones should be.  On the side of your auto tires you’ll see a number such as P275/75/R15.  The P represents passenger followed by the width and then a number that represents the height which is a ratio of the height to width.  An R should follow which stands for radial and then the final number is the diameter of the wheel.[pullquote] The process of ordering tires online has gotten easy and the savings makes it well worth it[/pullquote]
Now that you know the type of car tires you need and the size that fits your car it’s time to go shopping.  Car dealerships, tire specialty stores, discount stores and the Internet are all good options for getting a good deal on the price of new auto tires.  Competition on the Internet is very high so good deals are found everyday.  Regardless of where you buy your tires it’s important to have them installed by a professional.  They have all the special machines and tools needed for proper and safe installation. They will also do the necessary balancing and aligning.[pullquote]With proper care your tires will last and give you the protection of a safe drive[/pullquote]

Once you have your new car tires installed it is important to perform proper maintenance to keep them at their best for as long as possible.  This includes regularly rotating them to keep the wear even, regularly checking the air pressure to assure that you get the best gas mileage and they are at a safe level.  Taking proper care of you auto tires will not only keep you and your family safe but will save you money by extending their lifespan.

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