Tips For Pet Travel In A Car

Traveling with a pet can be a very fun activity to do. Most of the time, family pets would much rather be by the side of their owner than be left at home. Before you can start traveling with your pet though, you must take a few steps and precautions to make sure your car is properly setup for handling pet travel in a car.

Safety is the primary concern you should have in your mind while you are establishing the setup your pet will use. The safest setup is usually the best setup when it comes to pet transport.

You should also keep in mind that the setup you would use for a dog may differ from the setup you would use for a cat. Also, the distance you are traveling with your pet will likely affect many aspects of the setup you use for your pet’s traveling needs as well.

First off, you need to establish an area of your vehicle where your pet can lay down and stretch its legs every once in a while. If you are only traveling a short distance though, you may find that a small carrying box is the best option available for your pet. A small carrying box can be perfect for trips that are not more than an hour long.

Plan for Pet Comfort in Travel

If you are going to be traveling longer distances, you are going to need to establish a more secure and comfortable setup for your pet. If you are traveling in a large SUV, you can easily turn the back portion of your vehicle into a fairly large box for your animal. This type of setup is particularly perfect for dogs, but it can also be used for cats too.[pullquote]Bringing our dog along for the trip is a lot more fun than leaving her at home. Heck she is part of our family.[/pullquote]

The most important thing you should keep in mind is that you want your animal to be safe and secure throughout the trip, but you also want to make sure that they will not interfere with your driving at any time. If you can let your dog or cat roam free throughout your car while you are traveling, without any issues whatsoever, letting your animal roam the vehicle throughout the trip may simply be the best solution for you. If you are working with a fairly rambunctious animal though, you may need to find a way to secure and separate your animal from your personal space within the vehicle.

Pet Travel Requires Stretch Stops

Once you have properly established a secure location for your animal to rest in while you travel, you need to start preparing for other factors that may arise when you let your pet travel in a car. You should keep in mind that your pet is going to need to stop for a bathroom break along the way. You should also keep in mind that your animal will need water at some point within a long trip. By taking a water bowl, and making plans to stop every 2 to 3 hours throughout the trip, you can be certain that your animal will not only be traveling in style, but your animal will also be traveling comfortably too.

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