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Seniors in Medina rewarded with new cars

Seniors in Medina rewarded with new cars… congratulations Can you imagine. Just graduating from high school and someone presents with a new car. That is exactly what happened in Medina, Ohio to some lucky high school students. A generous local car dealership made dreams come true for six lucky students. This gift of generosity has […]

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Rear Car Cameras In All New Cars

Rear car cameras in all new cars… is this a good idea Congress is about to take on car safety in the form of rear car cameras. A couple of members of Congress and some parents who have children that have been injured from auto backups are going after regulators to mandate rear car cameras […]

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Mitsubishi Making a Comeback

Mitsubishi Making a Comeback in USA Marketplace Mitsubishi is barely recognized as a brand in the US. It is in the process of trying to change that by making a big noise with a new introduction. The unveiling will be at the New York auto show. The big news is that it is not just […]

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National Highway Traffic Safety Administration New Rating

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration New Rating for Older Passengers New Rating by NHTSA is designed to keep up with the technology and better protect older drivers and passengers. The idea is to create a “silver” rating system to help better protect older occupants. “In 2013, we plan to conduct focus group testing to determine […]

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