Steps to Take When in a Car Accident

In parts of the country that have bad winters, driving can be doubly risky.  Used car dealerships in NH, for example, tell their customers that when roads are icy or snowy, they must slow down and be extra aware of what’s going on around them.  And if an accident happens, there are critical steps to take.

Be prepared with an emergency pack.
First, before an accident, you should have an emergency kit in your car.  This can contain medical supplies, sources of light and heat, water, flares, cones, necessary documentation you’ll need following an accident, etc.

In vehicle accidents – even minor ones – a person can be injured and not know it.  Never state to the other driver(s) that you are not hurt until you see a doctor.  Also, don’t assume your car wasn’t damaged just because it doesn’t appear to have been.  Let a mechanic check it out.  If you bought your vehicle from one of the used car dealerships in NH, their service departments can perform this inspection.

Get off the road.
If the accident was not serious and if you’re able, get the cars off the road as fast as possible.  Should you be unable to move your vehicle, put on the hazard lights and set out cones.  If there were serious injuries, call 911.  Do not move an injured person as doing so could exacerbate the injury.

Collect the right information.
When speaking with the other driver or drivers involved, do not admit that you were at fault, even if you were, and don’t accuse others of fault.  From other driver(s) collect the following information:

•    Name, address and phone number
•    Driver’s license number
•    Insurance policy number and carrier’s phone number
•    License plate number
•    Vehicle model, year and color

If the driver is not the registered owner of the vehicle, get the owner’s contact information.  Also make sure you or someone gets names and contact information from any witnesses.

All this information will make it much easier when dealing with law enforcement (should that be necessary) and insurance companies, which will be necessary.

Practice safe driving 100% of the time.
There are other important things to know about vehicle accidents.  If you’re a New Hampshire driver, there are many used car dealerships in NH that carry safety and accident information and can provide you with tips on what to do in the event of an accident.  The best tip of all includes the list below to help you avoid collisions:

1. Be aware of what’s happening around you
2. Slow down in bad weather
3. Don’t tailgate
4. Don’t drive in an impaired state
5. Make sure your vehicle is in good repair
6. Don’t drive if you’re over-tired

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