Sporto Motoring Makes Major Web Site Update


Sporto Motoring Accessories, an online seller of suv aftermarket products, and truck and crossover accessories, has recently updated its web site.

For the last several months Sporto Motoring has been working to replace outdated code with a more streamlined, customer friendly version for a better customer shopping experience.

Navigation through the online store is faster and more comprehensive as the visitor searches for known accessories for a quick in and out experience. For those visitors who want to just shop and see the latest in products to enhance and protect their vehicle the visit is refreshing.

Sporto Motoring now has its unique Shopping Quick Links listed on every page. A visitor can get to any area of the site simply by going to the Quick Links with one click. The customer can shop by Vehicle, Brand, or by Accessory.

For instance if the customer knows she wants custom floor mats but not sure the kind, a simple click in the Quick Links Floor Mats takes her to a page with an all floor mat review.

If the customer wants to know all accessories available for his Chevy Equinox then simply go the the Quick Links Vehicle drop down click Equinox and the full Equinox selection appears.

Perhaps the visitor wants Elegant/ Saddleman Seat Covers for his Chevy Silverado. Simply go to the Quick Links on upper left side of each page and search the Brand menu for Elegant/Saddleman Seat Covers and quickly he arrives on the Elegant Brand Seat Cover page.

The Sporto Motoring shopping experience is fun. It is not like so many sites where the shopper feels they are in a maze. You can get in and get out fast with the product you want or you can enjoy shopping all the choices. The decision is yours.

Visit Sporto Motoring today for a hassle free online shopping experience.

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