Safe Winter Auto Travel

by Ken Geers

Traveling in your suv, truck, or car can be a challenging experience during the winter months. The best way to deal with that challenge is to be prepared for the drive. Visiting friends and family during these months of cold and snow, offers opportunities of good times that should not be passed up because of a winter driving fear. Get your vehicle ready for the winter months and let the good times roll.

Face it! There is danger on those roads and it makes sense to prepare for it. Once prepared then most of the driving stress is removed.

Check those tires. If the tread is questionable then replace the tires. If your tires can not get a grip then you will not either. How is the battery. Make sure it has a good charge. Are the terminals making a good connection. A simple tightening at the point of contact can save a lot of problems. You do not want to be left sitting in a parking lot with your teeth chattering while waiting for a jump start.

What is the condition of your antifreeze? Is it good for temperatures below zero? Antifreeze is cheap to replace or add to so give it a check and do what you need to do. If temperatures drop below zero, there will more problems than you can imagine so give it a check.

An ice scraper is a simple item to throw in the car so you have it. Most of us however will not remember this tool until we need it. Unfortunately we need the ice scraper when we are somewhere we do not have access to one. The finger nails can only do so much scraping before they tear off. It is important to have complete vision from all windows. Give yourself a fighting chance on the winter roads by seeing the surroundings from all sides.

Check all of your fluid levels. The brake fluid, washer fluid, power steering fluid, and transmission fluid are all going to be important in your winter drive. You do not want to call on one of them and find there is no response.

Prepare for Winter Auto Travel

Plan for an emergency on the road and there will be less stress if you have one. Include an extra blanket, maybe some flares, a cell phone, and some drinking water, These items will not be appreciated until you need them at which point you be glad you have them.

Make preparations now for safe winter auto travel. You can enjoy the winter months with your friends across town.

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