Saddle Blanket Seat Covers Available for Christmas Delivery

“Saddle Blanket seat covers will arrive by Christmas if ordered by December 10, 2010,” says Ken Geers President of Sporto Motoring Accessories, Inc. “For that matter most Saddleman / Elegant seat covers will be available for Christmas if ordered by the 10th.”

A poor economy will usually cause a slow down of new car sales. However demand will usually increase for those products that protect a vehicle from wear and tear. Sporto Motoring found this to be true for seat covers. Orders have jumped this Holiday Season for many of the protection related accessories. Many of the auto accessories questions this time of year are for vehicles not owned by the caller – a good sign someone will find an auto accessories gift under the tree.

For the past several months Sporto Motoring prepared its website for a painless customer order process. The auto seat cover order process is especially nice. An exact line drawing of the seat cover appears to assure the customer they are ordering the correct seat pattern. The customer needs to know the vehicle and year for the seat cover. Within a few steps the
order is placed and seat covers are made.

The demand for all Saddleman / Elegant seat covers has picked up this Holiday Season but the Saddle Blanket cover is the top seat cover ordered. With added staff Sporto is keeping up with demand.

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