Riverfest 2010 Fireworks – An artistic display of color and light

Riverfest Cincinnati has a single meaning to most – an awesome display of fireworks.

The annual ooh-and-ahh-inducing fireworks show captivates over a half a million spectators. The view is spectacular from the banks of Ohio and Kentucky. As the explosions of color dance in the sky to the back drop of bridges that tie the two states together it is hard to determine a favorite.

Each year the display seems to get better. Never the same, and always with a special pyrotechnics surprise. From high in the sky explosions of multi-colored parachutes making their way back to earth, to cascading waterfalls from a nearby bridge, to the grand finale of pulsating thunder and gushing bursts of bright light, this is one fireworks event you do not want to miss.

I had the pleasure of watching this extravaganza  from a barge located on the Kentucky side. We were 200 feet from the bursts of the shells. With each explosion you could feel the percussion and at times were almost blinded by the bright light. What an evening.

If you would like to see more fireworks from this event send me an email at sporto@sportomotoring.com mark it “More Fireworks “ and I will send you another link to the last nine or so minutes of fireworks that will include the Grand Finale –a barrage of fireworks that has no equal.

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