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Taking a road trip can be fun, for all of the time that you aren’t in the car and driving on towards your next destination. However, for all the time that you are stuck inside the vehicle and pressing on you are going to have to figure out a way to occupy that time with your children, otherwise they are likely to drive you insane. One of the options that you have, is with travel car games.

Travel car games will keep the attention of the children

Children can be rather restless for two different reasons when it comes to long and drawn out car trips. For one, they have rather short attention spans. And the second would be that they are rather pesty with annoying one liners like “Are we there yet?” and so on. What this means is, the more occupied and content your children are, the less time you are going to have to spend driving without stopping.[pullquote]Travel car games provide family fun while shortening the drive.[/pullquote]

This article is going to give you a little bit of insight into a few of the options that are out there for you and your children in the rather extensive world of travel car games. Now, there are plenty of games that could be listed in the upcoming paragraphs, and the ones that were chosen were done so on a basis that they might inspire you to put your own personal spin on them. This would ensure a lot of fun for your children and a closeness of family.

Car games take the edge off of travel time.

Now, one of the simplest games that you might get started with the children is identifying a specific
color of car. Popular choices are yellow and blue. Yellow is a little harder to come by, but many people select this one. The premise of the game, is that the point goes to the person in the car that spots the particular vehicle first. You might play it as a collective counting game if your children are smaller.[pullquote]Choose a car travel game that is fun for all the passengers. If everyone is involved then all passengers have fun.[/pullquote]

The fifty state game is another popular game. You have to identify different license plates for different states and get points based on your finds. Some renditions of the game give different points for more
obscure states, but the object is to either collect all 50 states first or have the most points at the end  of the trip. Then, you can restart the game for the way home. This can occupy a lot of time, especially
when the winner gets a real prize beyond bragging rights.

Be creative with your car games

There are also plenty of popular word games that can occupy a lot of your kids’ time. One of the popular choices along these lines would be the “I’m going on a picnic and I am taking with me…” Each time this is said, you move along the alphabet, adding a new item for the next corresponding letter. The object is to remember all of the items from A to Z, or until you have outlasted all of the other players in the game in terms of memory.[pullquote]Family car games create fun memories and add to vacation fun.[/pullquote]

There are plenty more travel car games than this, but this should be a pretty good place to start. You
can find plenty of other options through many different websites online, or use these ideas to inspire you to come up with your own renditions of car games to keep the kids at bay.

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