Is Democrat Party Kicking God Out of Democratic Party

Is the Democrat Party kicking God out of the “All Inclusive” Democratic Party I am a Christian and believe the Democrat Party is kicking God out of the Democratic Party.. Here are my findings and judge for yourself. This movement has been going on for a number of years. However the pace of God’s removal […]

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Different Standard for Hillary Clinton… you be the judge

Is there a different standard for Hillary Clinton in the eyes of the law. You be the judge… Does the rule of law apply differently to her. Is there a double standard. Did our Legal System give her a pass, for destroying over 30,000+ emails. Remember she had received a subpoena from Congress and yet […]

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Star Trek actor Anton Yelchin death investigated

Automotive crash investigation into the death of Anton Yelchin… Fiat Chrysler to investigate crash that killed ‘Star Trek’ actor Anton Yelchin to read the complete story go here

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Super Bowl 2016 YouTube Auto Commercials Sneak Peek

Super Bowl 2016 Auto Commercial Videos  Check Super Bowl 2016 Auto Commercial YouTube Videos before they are shown on air. All-New Honda Ridgeline 2016 Big Game Commercial – A New Truck to Love Kia Optima 2016 Super Bowl 50 Commercial Christopher Walken Closet “Big Game” Ad Audi R8 Big Game Commercial – Commander  The All-New […]

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Avoid a Winter Breakdown Disaster Follow Simple Steps Now

Avoid a Winter Breakdown Disaster Follow Simple Steps Now

Take precautions now… and then enjoy your winter driving moments. Winter can destroy the best of moments, simply by not preparing for it. Driving in winter can be a challenging, and sometimes a scary, endeavor – especially if you are new to these unique seasonal conditions. Thankfully, there are a number of things you can […]

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Buck Fight | Whitetail deer in backyard brawl

Buck Fight | Whitetail deer in backyard brawl

Came down for a cup of coffee, turned and headed back to my office and then I saw it… To my amazement, as I glanced out the window that faces our backyard, I saw what could only be described as a Whitetail Buck Brawl. These guys were going at it, I grabbed my cell phone […]

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