Nascar’s Gen-6 gets good track performance reviews

Nascar’s Gen-6 gets good track performance reviews plus looks good

Now that the Gen-6 has made a few rounds at various tracks, the reviews are coming in. When the Gen-6 was first revealed the reviews were strong in the visual department, not many thought the vehicle was not aesthetically pleasing.

The question has always been will it perform under race conditions.

The new design has been a boon to the manufacturers because it has brought back the look and feel of the promoting brand. However the fans nor drivers wanted a vehicle that just had good looks and brand appeal they wanted a product that could race.
Seems likje they got their wish. According to this article the fans and drivers are signing the praises of this new product. To get the details visit the link below.


To review the complete article follow the link below:

The Gen-6 works! NASCAR’s new car has so far improved the on-track product

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