Mud Guards for Cleaner SUVs and Trucks

Mud Guards For Cleaner SUVs and Trucks
By Ken Geers

Securing a set of mud guards, mud flaps, or splash guards for your SUV, truck, or auto could be very beneficial for you and the vehicle driving behind you. Mud guards, sometimes called splash guards or mud flaps, will protect your vehicle from rocks, sticks, and other road debris. It could preserve the paint finish by protecting it from dings and scratches due to objects kicked up from the road.

Everyone wants a vehicle to look clean without cleaning it. Aside from protecting your tires and vehicle, with splash guards, you can also keep your vehicle looking nice. Mud guards will keep your automobile clean for a long period of time and do the same to the vehicles around you. Another thing it will save you time and money by not having to get a car wash all the time.

Splash guards are usually made of sheet metal, sheet metal and rubber, or rubber-composite. Both materials are durable but serve a different purpose. Rubber/ rubber-composite mud flaps are rigid to protect your car from hard debris. Some manufacturers employ bottom weights or specialized frames to the more flexible rubber splash guards. On the other hand stainless steel and aluminum mud guards are usually used for decorative purposes. If you want the best looks on the road, than choose metal flaps. If you want the best protection choose rubber guards. Installing mud flaps on your vehicle will add to your peace of mind for the protection it gives. Your vehicle will stay cleaner, longer, and have a more stylish look as well..

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