Looking for Most Fuel Efficient Cars of 2013

Looking for Most Fuel Efficient Cars of 2013

Green is still part of the 2013 car makers vocabulary. Car makers have a pretty tough road ahead of them. With high expectations, from the government, for more fuel efficient cars by 2025 the pressure is on.

The cost of gas continues to rise, so the manufacturers have reasons to comply. Not only to make the government happy, but if they want consumers to purchase their cars they have to react in the positive.

Kiplinger has spot lighted the 15 most fuel-efficient cars for 2013. Based on the price category, the vehicle is chosen based on annual fuel cost.

Other restrictions apply, however the test is a good tool to use when searching for a new 2013. If fuel cost matters in your vehicle price range than this information will help.


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15 Most Fuel-Efficient Cars, 2013




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