Keys Locked in Car?

Ever lock your keys in the car?

With Hitch Safe car keys are as close as your receiver hitch.

Don’t risk locking your pets or loved ones in the car. Your live is full of stress and hurry and it is easy to exit a car while leaving keys in the ignition.

Think about it. Maybe stopping for gas, picking up a gallon up milk, whatever the quick stop is, you can easily jump out of the car,  leave your keys in the ignition, and watch a locked door slam behind you. This is a not a good feeling.

Click: Hitch Safe Receiver Hitch Vault

It is one thing to have keys locked inside the car without passengers inside  but how will you feel when the door locks and Fido or your baby is inside. Don’t let this happen to you. There is peace of mind with Hitch Safe. Simply go to your receiver hitch, put in your code  and remove your spare key. Life is good.

On your way to the beach and not sure where to store your keys and credit cards?  Hitch Safe is your answer. Our innovative receiver hitch vault stores valuables while you have fun.

Click Hitch Safe Receiver Hitch Vault for more information.


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