All Hyundai 2013 Super Bowl Ads (Videos)

All Hyundai 2013 Super Bowl Ads in one place

Hyundai pulled out all the stops for Super Bowl 2013 with car ads to please everyone. The Santa Fe, Genesis R-Spec, and Sonata Turbo were all featured commercials.

[youtube][/youtube]Santa Fe had three themes:  Don’t Tell – Don’t tell Mom / Don’t tell Dad; Team – Come Back When You Get a Team;  and Epic Playdate – What are We Going to Do Today. Each one had its merits but the Come Back When You Get a Team was especially memorable.

The Genesis R-Spec was full of excitement, at least for one individual. Comparing the Genesis R-Spec to the BMW, Mercedes, and Porsche had merit and lasting effect.

The Sonata Turbo had an interesting take on the meaning of Turbo. There is no way any one of us would want to spend time behind those vehicles. The Sonata Turbo was the only answer to clearing away from those disasters waiting to happen.

Go to the one site that features all the Hyundai 2013 Super Bowl Ads. Doesn’t take long to cruise through them and be entertained.

Check out the Hyundai Super Bowl Ads:

All Hyundai 2013 Super Bowl ads



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