Hurricane Sandy has Water Soaked Cars for Sale

Hurricane Sandy car damageHurricane Sandy storm ravaged cars are available

and could be on their way to a local car lot near you.

The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy continues to take its toll. Now some of those water soaked vehicles are making their way onto unscrupulous dealers car lots being made available for sale to an unsuspecting public. After a little drying out and removal of silt these cars can be made to look pretty nice on a car lot. In this case do not throw caution to the wind. Better to do your homework than be sorry later.

It is estimated by the National Insurance Crime Bureau that 230,000 vehicles were damaged. Most of the vehicles are crushed and removed from further public use. However be cautious when purchasing a used vehicle. There are ways to protect yourself from buying one of those under water cars.

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How to Avoid Buying Hurricane-Damaged Cars



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