Think of a Grille Guard as the Face Mask of your Pickup Truck

Because trucks are often driven in ways and manners that are different from other vehicles, just about any truck can benefit from the addition and installation of a grill guard or grill guard / brush guard combination. The grille is often the first part of a truck that people see. In some cases, pickup trucks are known by the individual design and style of their grille guards. Besides making a truck look good, a grille guard also serves as a barrier of protection against all sorts of road debris. As a result, it is important for all truck owners, but especially for those who use their pickup trucks under certain conditions (like on a job site or off-road), to consider installing a protective grille guard.

The grille on a truck usually takes the brunt of any impact that the truck may experience. Whether you’re talking rocks, bugs, or the occasional loose tire, the grille is often the first area to be struck. Besides the external protection, a truck’s grille guard / brush guard also plays an important role in protecting the inside of a truck, especially the truck’s radiator and headlights and lamps.

Grille guards essentially represent an additional line of defense for a truck from the rest of the world. Think of a grille guard as a truck’s facemask, much like that found on today’s football helmets. Like a facemask on a football helmet, a grille guard can also be stylish. Most pickup truck grille guards are available in a chrome, stainless steel, or powder-coated finish and are customized to match any pickup truck. Typically, most grille guards / brush guards are made of heavy-duty steel. Grille guards are designed to absorb the force of most impacts, especially since they are reinforced with rubber push pads and strategically placed crossbars.

In terms of cost, grille guards can range in price from a couple of hundred dollars to several hundred dollars. The price that a consumer pays depends on the brand, size, composition, and style of grille guard. Generally speaking, the larger the grille or the thicker the steel, the higher the grille guard can cost. Keep in mind though that a heavier grille guard means a heavier truck, which in the end means more gas used.

Besides cost, installation is another important factor to consider when purchasing a grille guard. In most cases, grille guards are designed to fit specific trucks. In other cases, grille guard installation may require modifications to be made to a truck before the grille guard can be installed. This usually means having to drill additional holes in the area where the grille guard is to be attached.

Regardless of what the reason for the addition might be, a pick up truck just doesn’t seem to look or feel like a truck without a proper grille guard. Increased protection, improved looks, and a custom and personal style are just a few of the benefits associated with a grille guard. Though the price may represent an additional cost at the beginning, in the end, the protection that a grille guard provides as well as the look that it conveys, definitely make a grille guard a pickup truck accessory investment worth making.

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