A Glimpse Into New Cars Future

A glimpse into new cars future and who will be driving them

The best guess into the future of new cars and who will be driving them is that a good amount of the driving functions of the car will not be done by the driver.

Google is doing their best now to develop a driverless car. There are tests going on now that show the technology has made progress. Many foreign car manufacturers are making progress as well.

Recently an article titled “Cars in 2020” points out the progress and application on new car technology. The fuel to run these cars of the future will range from gas, to diesel, to batteries, and to hydrogen. From the sound of this article our choices will increase rather than decrease. The reading is pretty interesting when you consider that 2020 is not far away.

To read the complete “Cars in 2020” article go here:

Cars in 2020


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