Elegant / Saddleman Premier Tweed and Ultimate Fit Seat Covers

Elegant / Saddleman Premier Tweed seat covers as well as Elegant / Saddleman Ultimate Fit seat covers are a featured replacement seat cover at Sporto Motoring Accessories.

These custom made in the USA seat covers are a great way to add a fresh look to your auto interior without adding monthly car payments.

Elegant / Saddleman Premier Tweed Seat Covers are handcrafted to rigid specifications. Premier Tweed is the Best all-around material designed for comfort and durability. Front, back, and sides are made of the premier tweed material to complete your custom look. Armrest, consoles, and headrests are covered with Premier Tweed whenever possible.

With a generous foam cushion and double stitched seams these covers add comfort and wear to the drive. Premier Tweed Covers are machine washable. With five distinctive fabric colors you will add sizzle to your automotive interior.

Elegant / Saddleman Ultimate Fit Seat Covers are your choice for OEM replacement seat covers. Our fully custom tailored Ultimate Fit seat covers include a matching headrest and armrest cover (when applicable). All fabrics are automotive grade and are UV and fade resistant.

With seven fabric colors to choose, a quilted with foam padding seating surface, and double stitched, reinforced seams, your automotive interior will be showroom ready. The Ultimate Fit woven velour fabric is soft but ready for rugged use. Available for newer trucks, suvs, vans, and selected autos.  Fabrics are stain resistant and can be spot cleaned with a mild fabric  cleaner.

All Elegant / Saddleman seat covers are available through the Sporto Motoring Accessories easy order system.

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