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UVS100™ Custom Fit Heat Shield

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Cardboard canít do it. It just canít protect your car from the sunís dash cracking, interior-fading ultraviolet rays. But our Custom Fit UVS100ô HEAT SHIELD can!
The outer side of our HEAT SHIELD is finished with a silver reflective fabric that is made with special UV inhibitors; the inner side is finished with soft flannel. Both fabrics are laminated to a foam core center that acts as an insulator to reduce heat buildup. Made of sewn panels that fold for handy storage.
No hardware or hassles, just unfold and position inside the windshield, then fold sunvisors down to hold in place. Optional vinyl storage bag also available to protect the HEAT SHIELD when not in use.
These are custom-patterned to each vehicle, not universal sizes.
Your vehicle information will be given on final order form.

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