The Serious Danger of Driving with a Cell Phone

Life in this age of modern conveniences is driven by our demand for instant gratification.  This includes things such as instant decisions, instant success, instant weight loss and certainly instant communications.  This had led to driving with a cell phone being very common place and unfortunately, quite dangerous.  No matter how experienced and competent a driver is, talking on a cell phone is still a serious distraction.  The use of hands-free devices is helpful but not as good as no cell phone use.  Many states have outlawed or are in the process of making laws to prohibit people from talking on their cell phones when they are driving.

The statistics speak for themselves. Approximately 21% of the critical car accidents each year are attributed to driving with a cell phone.  This includes talking as well as texting.  Teenagers are particularly known for excessive texting.  Studies have proven that texting while driving is six times more dangerous than driving impaired by drugs and alcohol.  In the United States it is reported that over 210 million people use cell phones and over 800,000 admit to using them when they drive. The results are millions of people being hurt in accidents caused by this distraction and thousands killed.

Many states and countries have found the best prevention of accidents caused by driving with a cell phone to be implementing laws and fines to limit and prohibit their use.  Some states require that the only cell phone usage allowed is hands-free.  This is a help but statistics show that people are still distracted and tend to brake 18% slower, take too long to get their speed back up and they report not remembering things they saw such as billboards and pedestrians, because they are concentrating more on their conversation than the road.  States such as Connecticut, New Jersey, California, Maryland, New York, Oregon and Washington have all banned hand held cell phones.

Even with all the statistics showing how dangerous driving with a cell phone is, the usage continues to remain high in states where it is not prohibited.  Hopefully, with driver’s education making drivers aware of the consequences and more states passing laws against it, within a short amount of time the trend will be reversed.  Distracted drivers are dangerous drivers.  There is no phone call or text message that can’t wait until the driver has the opportunity to pull over and stop. Car safety is i  Many lives may depend on it.

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