Chrome Accessories. The Truck Accessory Accent

Truck owners usually have two reasons for adding certain accessories to their pick-ups. In some cases, truck accessories are installed because they provide some form or level of protection for the truck. In these cases, truck owners may add accessories like grille guards, floor liners, and mud flaps. In other cases, truck owners add and install accessories to their vehicle because they can add a certain accent and value to their truck.

Most of the time, truck owners who want to add aesthetic value to their trucks do so in the form of chrome accessories. Chrome accessories for a truck or suv can be added to just about any area or section of a truck, from bumper to bumper and everywhere else in between. Although today’s pickup trucks usually come with standard chrome accessories like rims and bumpers, there is still a variety of chrome accessories that truck owners can add to their pickup trucks to give them that unique accent and customized look.

Of the many chrome accessories that can be installed on a truck, the most common accessories include truck chrome door and tailgate handles, chrome fuel doors, chrome mirror covers, chrome tail light covers, and chrome fender trim. There are many ways to add value and style to a pickup truck, or suv, but few accessories offer consumers the freedom and affordability that exist with chrome truck accessories.

  • Chrome door handles – Chrome door handles represent a small but important and potentially inexpensive accessory. They can be made to the exact specifications of any truck, and add an instant touch of style and personalization to any pickup truck or suv. Although door handles are available in a variety of finishes, nothing makes a statement like chrome does.
  • Chrome tailgate handles – Made to look especially good on dark colored trucks, chrome tailgate handles also add a touch of personalization to any truck. Besides the front of a truck, the other area most commonly seen on a truck is the back. A nice subtle detail like a chrome tailgate handle can really tie the entire truck together.
  • Chrome fuel doors – A look that has become popular in recent years, chrome fuel doors are stylish and functional. Some chrome fuel doors are available in a pop-on version, while others are available as complete replacements. With the added touch of colored rivets, this is one look that every truck owner must have.
  • Chrome mirror covers – Easy to install, chrome mirror covers are an inexpensive way to turn some heads. Most are designed to fit right over a truck’s mirrors for quick and easy installation.
  • Chrome tail light covers – One of the best-looking accessories that a truck owner can add to his “ride”, chrome tail light covers can make even the most rugged truck look classy. Most tail light covers are easy to install and represent an affordable and easy way to customize a truck.

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